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3 things I learned from my intellectually disabled son

Emilie Weight at TED@Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

As a mother with a son affected with Fragile X syndrome -- a genetic disorder -- Emilie Weight believes that a diagnosis of disability can create opportunity, not despair. Her son's differences compelled her to question her inner self and her role in the world. With this new mindset she discovered his true superhero qualities when she stopped treating him like a patient and started treating him like a partner, leading her to three essential tools for how to approach life.

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Fraxas — Associazione X Fragile Svizzera

La sindrome dell’X Fragile è la seconda causa di ritardo intellettivo dopo la trisomia 21. È ereditaria, colpisce un ragazzo su 4000 e una ragazza su 8000. Ciononostante, rimane ignota ai più ed è insufficientemente diagnosticata.

Fraxas desidera sostenere le persone colpite da X Fragile.

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